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Escalate 2010

So I went to my first photography convention this past week and it was so much fun!  The speakers blew my mind, especially Jerry Ghionis, whom I never really heard of before my trip.  I have been blog stalking some of the other speakers for a long time, so nothing surprised my about their awesomeness except how totally open they were to hanging around the lobby, talking with everyone, answering questions, etc.  I am so impressed at how collaborative the photography community seems to be.  It makes for much a nicer experience when ‘so called’ competitors become colleagues.  I am so truly inspired from my trip, not just creatively but also on a personal level to continue to work on being the best that I can be in all areas of my life.  It is amazing what we can all accomplish with the right attitude. :)

Here’s a shout out to the wonderful photogs I met while there.  Thank you for being so sweet, it was wonderful to get to know you and I look forward to staying in touch and watching what is to come for all of us!

Allison & Kyle from Studio 28 in So Cal

Tamara Kenyon from Boise ID

Brittany Dawson from Austin, Tx (Yes, I met a fellow Austinite there in Cali!!) Brittany, hope we can collaborate on some projects soon!

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