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Birth Photography is…..joyful, intense, beautiful

Birth photography is becoming more and more popular and I totally understand why. Before I had my daughter I had never heard of hiring a professional photographer to photograph my delivery…and before I ever saw birth photography images I would have probably been scared about someone else seeing me during such a vulnerable time but now after seeing what birth photography is all about and having the honor of being able to document them for people, I can’t even image having my next baby without someone there to capture these precious moments of raw emotion.

I’ve been so excited to write a blog post and to tell you all how TOTALLY amazing this birth was. My client Kelly found me through and contacted me a few weeks before her due date. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph a home birth for the first time. Kelly and I hit it off right away via emails and I visited her home to check it out before the big day. Even with just the short visit to meet her and see her home I knew that she is the type of woman who lives with joy in her heart and in her home. She is a fabulous mom of 2 ADORABLE and energetic little boys and the wife to a man who ADORES her….you can just tell by the way he looks at her. I loved her bubbly personality and how excited she was to have a little girl on the way!

Well as the weeks passed by quickly that little girl didn’t make her arrival when we all were expecting, but finally about 1 week after her due date Kelly called me in the morning and said that she was feeling contractions and that her body had never tricked her before, so she knew this was the real deal. I already had all my ducks in a row (camera bag packed, batteries charged, memory cards, arrangements for babysitting for my little one, etc., etc., ) so off I went down to her beautiful home in South Austin. The tricky thing about birth photography is always the “unknown”…humm…will I make it in time?? Will I sit there for 6 hours before the baby comes??? Will everything go okay with the delivery?? I always feel the rush of adrenalin as I’m driving there…or maybe it is fear of getting a speeding ticket? Either way, I arrive about 1pm to find Kelly, again joyful, sweet & bubbly between contractions (focused and strong during contractions). I was so impressed by the Midwives (Heart of Texas Midwives) she had there and really inspired by this whole idea of a home birth. As the labor progressed Kelly got into a nice tub of warm water to help get through the contractions and I just documented the events unfolding. I was shocked and amazed at how she keep her composure during the immense pain of labor, her body knew what to do and it was exhilarating to watch this process in such a natural way. I must admit that during the really intense part of labor I could feel myself tensing up and my hands sweating…I had to remind myself to keep calm, breathe and focus on my job…geeze…I make it sound like I’m the one in labor! Once the baby was out the energy in the room is just so beautiful…I hope that the photographs I took captured even just a fracture of the joy in those moments. I am so honored to have been able to photograph the birth of beautiful Jillian Claire Spahn. Please enjoy the slideshow and let me know what you think about birth photography.

birth photography in texas
birth photography in texas

Amy Henderson - Oh wow this is wow! Incredibly special and beautiful!

Jennifer - Beautiful moments..beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Davidson - This is so beautiful!!!
I love heart of Texas Midwives and seeing this amazing birth highlighted both the parents and the midwives. You did an amazing job, my favorites were the use of mirrors.

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