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Beautiful Savannah.

Dear Ms. Savannah,

I have been editing your pics for hours and I just can’t get enough!  You are just way too cute.  I can’t wait to take your pictures again when your little brother or sister arrives!


Martha - What a beauty! Sweet pics, Tara.

Kyle Richter - She is sooo cute.. Love the photos Tara!! Cheers..

What a treat!

Austin Family photographer, cake smash, 1st birthday boy

Wowza, baby B sure liked the yummy cake his mommy bought!  I must say though, the cake wasn’t the real treat in these pictures….he is!  I’ve never met such a sweet, smiley, happy little guy!  He made my job SO easy with tons of smiles, eye contact and the true test of a successful cake smash photo shoot would of course be the cake smashing….and boy did he ever enjoy it!  Thanks for letting me document this time for your family.

first birthday childrens portraits, kids portraits, austin photographer

carrie mackey - love it tara. the site looks amazing! the 1st birthday cake shots are my favorite!

victoria - Tara, thank you so much for taking these pictures!! Brandon just looks so grown up and he was such a sport. I think the cake helped ;) thank you again. these will be so much fun to look at 1, 5, 10 years from now! xo Vicci

Escalate 2010

So I went to my first photography convention this past week and it was so much fun!  The speakers blew my mind, especially Jerry Ghionis, whom I never really heard of before my trip.  I have been blog stalking some of the other speakers for a long time, so nothing surprised my about their awesomeness except how totally open they were to hanging around the lobby, talking with everyone, answering questions, etc.  I am so impressed at how collaborative the photography community seems to be.  It makes for much a nicer experience when ‘so called’ competitors become colleagues.  I am so truly inspired from my trip, not just creatively but also on a personal level to continue to work on being the best that I can be in all areas of my life.  It is amazing what we can all accomplish with the right attitude. :)

Here’s a shout out to the wonderful photogs I met while there.  Thank you for being so sweet, it was wonderful to get to know you and I look forward to staying in touch and watching what is to come for all of us!

Allison & Kyle from Studio 28 in So Cal

Tamara Kenyon from Boise ID

Brittany Dawson from Austin, Tx (Yes, I met a fellow Austinite there in Cali!!) Brittany, hope we can collaborate on some projects soon!

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