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The wildflowers in Abelingland

These boys are so much fun!  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them 3 years in a row.  It is neat to see how much they change every year and it is also interesting to see my photographic style/skill change over those 3 years! You can absolutely see the friendship and love these little boys have for each other.  It is so sweet and what an adventure for my amazing friend Victoria to have 3 BOYS 3 and under!  If you want to read about her adventures, check out here blog here!


2011: (The drought made blue bonnets this year not possible….we found these sweet little yellow flowers, but even they look a bit dry!!)


Liz B - Love this family, love the boys, love the flowers and love these pictures, Tara. So fun to see 3 years’ worth!

Steiner Ranch Maternity Session

I am so happy for this beautiful couple, who just welcomed their baby girl this weekend!  I had a wonderful time photographing their maternity session here in Steiner Ranch.  Congrats, Jenna & Eric!  I can’t wait to see you guys and meet baby Norah around the neighborhood! Lots of love, Tara

Kelly Hosch - LOVE these! What a great session and gorgeous mommy-to-be!

Jenna - Thanks Tara, these turned out great!!

Taylor Jackson - I love these photos!!! So sweet!!!

Tara K. G. - BEAUTIFUL Pics!! Love the fabulous field of wildflowers….its the most perfect background for such a gorgeous couple! These sweet captured memories will be cherished forever!!

suzann - These are absolutely stunning!!!!

Erika - Gorgeous photos! And I’m so happy to see that Sam made an appearance :) Congrats you guys!

Elke - LOVE the pic of Sam in his big brother kerchief :) So sweet. You look beautiful as always!!

Tami Dickson - Beautiful photos!! So excited for Jenna and Eric!

Aubrey - Gorgeous pictures!!! Beautiful couple and family!! :)

Waiting for baby…. Austin Maternity Photographer

I absolutely loved photographing this beautiful mama to be.  I’m so excited that I will get to document this baby coming into the world in May. This mama is glowing and you can totally feel the love she has for her baby already. For me personally, my pregnancies were difficult and uncomfortable….I can’t say that I’m one of those woman who feel great the whole time and *love* being pregnant…but looking at these pictures I actually miss feeling that sweet baby growing inside me….it is such a magical time in your life and I’m so happy that these memories are captured forever.

Sneak Peek for {D} family | - [...] sweet baby boy from his birth pictures you can see here and you can see more of this BEAUTIFUL mama here.  This lovely park and refreshing stream are the perfect spot to shoot on a warm Austin morning.  [...]

Surprise baby girl!

I got the pleasure of photographing these sweet new parents for their maternity session back in January (you can see that session here).  At the time they didn’t know if that cute baby bump was a girl or a boy…(kuddos to them for holding out for the big surprise…I’m WAAAAYY too impatient….but I think its so cool for people that can hold out!).  Here are some things that mommies recommend. I guessed girl….and I was right!  Here is sweet Molly Amelia Aho, born 2/28/12 when she was just 6 days new.


Katie - Love the photos! Such a sweet baby girl!

Lena Dusa - If I had to chose one picture for myself I wouldn’t be able to make a decision. All of them are soooo good!!!! Thanks Jared and Katie for our beautiful new additional to the family. Can’t wait to see her myself. I need to figure out a way to see her soon.

Grace Bernhardt - She is beautiful! Congrats again you guys!

Shelley Hailey - These are great! Almost made me tear up.

Lauren Hackstedt - Cute…cute…and CUTE! Little Miss Molly is so adorable!

Debby Aho - Queen Molly! How fitting! So cute, precious, warm, sweet, lovey dovey & cuddly! I miss you already.

Pictures are fabulous! I just love that pink hat!

Love, Grandma Dee

Jessica Kellum - She is beautiful and you all look so happy!!

Jolleen Clymer - What a darling baby girl! Congrats to both of you. Enjoy the ride it goes by faster than you can imagine.

Julie Aho - I would like one of those photos with her and Teemu lying down – don’t see it on here.

kristen trudeau - pics are great….what a cutie!!

Lori Graff - Best wishes guys. She is beautiful!!!!!

Yuuka - She is so precious!! I love the first pic and the one she wears the brown knit cap. It looks like she says “leave me alone. I’m sleepy :D ” Cute!!

Eric - Love the pic in the room. Look at all those toys for Molly and teamu!

Jamie - So precious! Hope to see her again soon!!

Jamie - So%20precious!%20%20Hope%20to%20see%20her%20again%20soon!!

Rich - She’s quite photogenic!

Nathan Guitrau - What a beautiful family! The b&w shot of the three of you with Molly’s eyes open is fantastic, and I love the pink blanket and bucket shot. How precious. Nice work Tara and Aho’s!

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